“A story of injustice and racism, and the bravery that comes with changing one’s beliefs for the better. Intertwining history and fiction Helen Lundström Erwin takes her readers to a time they would only be able to see in history books and tells an engaging, eye opening story that has readers glued to the pages until the very end.”

“James’ Journey is an engrossing portrayal of a man who looks beyond his slave owning heritage and acts to change the world as he knows it… Historic personalities and events gain a very intimate and matter of fact reality as they are shown through the eyes of the characters of the book.”

Rated Best Book of the Year 2015
by Bibliophile’s Reverie, Literary Blog

James’ Journey

The son of a slave owner turns abolitionist and becomes a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

As fierce slavery debates are dividing the country, James Waynewright breaks family tradition and travels to New York to study. Having grown up on a tobacco plantation in Virginia he never questioned how his family’s wealth is generated. In the beginning he is shocked by what he feels are radical ideas of abolition and feels that Northerners have been subject to propaganda. As time goes on, James begins to understand their point of view, and he realizes that he no longer condones slavery.

James falls in love with Katherine Greenfield, an upper class New Yorker and an abolitionist. Due to unforeseen circumstances they hastily marry and return to the plantation. Intending to free their slaves, James and Katherine begin leading double lives in order to help runaways that are escaping north, at the same time having to navigate their neighbors’ increasing suspicion and the slave laws of their state.

James’ journey is the realization that the foundation of the world he lives in is immoral. The paradigm that he has accepted all his life comes into such conflict with his epiphany that he becomes willing to risk everything to do what is right.


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About Helen

Helen left her hometown, Helsingborg, Sweden in the early 90’s and moved to New York City. Thriving in the big melting pot, she finds inspiration in the city´s rich history of social justice and multiculturalism as well as in its plentiful choice of cuisines.

Helen is motivated by observing the changing paradigms of what is socially acceptable. What people believe so strongly today might be considered a superstition tomorrow and an embarrassment for succeeding generations. She is intrigued by activity in day to day life in other times that explain what people were thinking. Helen’s passion is illustrating the norms of the past by taking readers back in time and putting them in the minds of her characters.

Grounding her novels in scholarly research of historical detail, Helen seeks to shed light on how people on the wrong side of history justified their actions. She is especially inspired by people who had the courage to challenge the beliefs they were raised to accept, thus breaking the cycle of racism and injustice.

Helen’s second book is getting ready for publication. It’s a story of two women’s struggle during a time when women were fighting for suffrage in Sweden. She’s currently working on her third novel, a story about sorcery trials in Sweden in the 17th Century.

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